What Does $6.66 a Month Get You? Answer: Quite a lot

Our PPHOA dues have remained at just $80 since 1995! That is 20 years without a dues

increase. And, 2016 will remain at $80 again!


So, what do you get for your $80? The majority of our funding is to maintain the 5 landscaped

entrances into Providence Plantation. These five entrances represent the “gateway” to 1,454

homes and provide beautiful year-round maintenance, flowers and Holiday decorations that

showcase our neighborhood.


Insurance, legal fees, bank fees, water and electricity are some of the necessities that require



Neighbors are also grateful for the weekend Charlotte Police security patrols throughout the

community. This service is solely funded by your PPHOA dues.


Our emails and news blasts allow neighbors to post lost and found announcements. We have

been able to locate owners of lost car keys, and we have reunited many animals with their

owners over the past year. This wonderful outreach is funded by your PPHOA dues.


We all appreciate the convenience of having a neighborhood directory at our fingertips. The

directory lists residents by name and by street address. Even better is the great services section

in the directory that will give you immediate access to the names and telephone numbers of

homeowners who can provide a wide range of services such as pet sitting, babysitting, tutoring,

medical, photography, accounting, landscaping and household repairs.


Homeowners who are a member HOA are invited to call about joining social groups including

Bridge, Book and Supper clubs in the neighborhood. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors

and make new friends.


All 1,454 families enjoy the benefits of the Providence Plantation efforts to maintain our elite

community status…please support the 2016 HOA campaign and pay your share by sending

your $80 dues with your membership form.


Jeanneane Smith, Membership