Get social in the neighborhood: meet, dine and play

Our neighborhood offers many options for social activities. Take a look at the descriptions below

and join in!


Supper Club: New groups are formed at the start of each year. 4-6 couples take turns hosting

each other throughout the year. More details will be given once groups have been established.

If you are interested in participating this year, please email me at by

January 15, 2015.


Kitchen Creations: Gather with other neighbors for Dream Dinners with a twist. The host will

choose two to three dinners. Ingredients will be assigned to each person to bring and then the

fun begins. Get together to create meals you can eat right away or freeze and save for a busy

day when dinner prep is not an option.


Play Groups: We are looking for someone to be the contact for Play Groups.


Book Club: Interested in starting a new book club? We need 6 plus to start a new book club.


Bridge: Bridge groups run year-round.


Please email me at, if you are interested in joining a group or helping

organize one!


Mary Barton Ross, Socials