Another Year in the Neighborhood

I hope everybody had a great holiday, and I wish all a very happy and healthy new year.

Enclosed in the envelope with this newsletter is an invoice for HOA dues for 2016. I hope

everyone will give serious consideration to joining. The dues are again just $80 per year, and I

think all would agree the money is well spent. The Homeowners Association provides significant

benefits for its members and in some respects for all residents of Providence Plantation. These

benefits include maintaining attractive landscaping at all of the entrances, extra police patrols of

the neighborhood, a neighborhood phone directory, a variety of social clubs and activities for

those who are interested, and a neighborhood email communications system. We have a new

feature so now you can pay electronically using a credit card on our web site. Again, please join

and contribute to the maintenance of a great and beautiful neighborhood.


The Board of Directors has decided to try something new for our annual public meeting in

January. We usually try to obtain a speaker that can discuss something of interest about the

neighborhood. This year, we had a CMPD Detective to discuss Internet fraud and identity theft.

All of us have had our credit cards hacked and have heard horror stories of people being the

victims of identity theft. And some of us have had our computers do weird things that make us

nervous. Their presentation will focused on how “they” do it and how to prevent being a victim.


Also at our annual meeting, we took care of a legal requirement and had an election for the

HOA Board of Directors. While our experience is that people become members of the Board of

Directors simply by volunteering, we are legally required to have an election every two years. All

of the current Board members have agreed to put their names in nomination for another term.

We have a couple of vacancies, and we would love to have some new friends join us and give a

new and perhaps different perspective on how we can serve the neighborhood. All Board

members are elected “at large”, and after the election we decide amongst ourselves what role

each of us will play (President, Treasurer, Social Director, Landscaping, New Neighbors, etc.) If

you are interested in joining us or have any questions about what exactly is involved, feel free to

give me a call at 704-708-8867.


Bob Hayes, President